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Pedestal Servers Expand Data Centre Capacity
As the number of servers in your data centre grows, so do your deployment and management headaches. In fact, with traditional pedestal and rack servers, data centre staffing costs seem to grow dramatically as the data centre grows. Now, the Intel® Blade Server Chassis SBCE lets you add servers to your data centre while actually decreasing deployment and service work. Blade computing introduces a new data centre paradigm where many ultra-thin compute blades share centralized resources such as power supplies, fans and network switches in a single chassis. The Intel Blade Server Chassis SBCE is an example of state-of-the-art blade engineering that allows you to greatly expand computing power while reducing management resources.

Easy to Manage
No matter how you configure it, the Intel Blade Server Chassis SBCE was built for efficient management. The system includes a management module that monitors temperatures and controls fan speeds, to maintain an optimum operating environment. The chassis accommodates up to two management modules for redundancy.


Configure to Meet Multiple Needs
The Intel Blade Server Chassis SBCE enables redundancy at almost any level-power supplies, blowers, management modules, and Ethernet/Fibre Channel switches-to meet the availability and connectivity requirements of almost any environment. Plus, the Intel Blade Server Chassis SBCE will accommodate the future 4-way Intel server compute blade containing Intel® Xeon™ processors MP, giving you increased longevity and improved ROI from the same chassis.


Render Boxes & Farms Features Benefits
Clusters & HPC Tool-less, hot-plug compute blades, management modules, and network switches Fast, easy serviceability and lower support costs
Blade Servers
Post Production & Editing
Networking Redundant components and network paths High availability for uninterrupted server uptime
Graphics Cards  
Rack Mount Peripherals  
  Midplane that provides connection between individual compute blades and shared resources Elimination of up to 100 cables for a full rack of servers, simplifying maintenance and reducing data centre clutter
Cabling   Deployment flexibility across processor number and type, as well as network fabric, and storage Configures to meet a wide range of data centre needs
Solution Divisions  
Graphics, Animation, Digital Content Creation & Post Production            
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Storage NAS, SAN & DAS    
  Intel Compute Blades
High Performance Computing (HPC)  

                The Intel® Server Compute Blade SBX82 helps compress data centre space and simplifies infrastructure management by moving the highest performance, most data-intensive applications to a blade form-factor. This server blade accommodates two Intel® Xeon® processors on an 800 MHz system bus and features up to 8 GB of addressable memory, flexible I/O, and storage expandability.
Intel Enterprise Blade Server Family - Recommended Configurations and Order Codes

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Intel Compute Blade SBX82 PDF
                Intel Server Management for Blades
                The Intel® Server Management for Blades provides a secure, single point of control to manage all blades in the chassis. This powerful solution allows you to rapidly and efficiently provision and reprovision large numbers of servers, simultaneously and remotely, in minutes on-demand, reducing over-provisioning and achieving a far more efficient utilization of your server resources. You can also automatically and remotely restore and back up servers.
                Intel Blade Server Management PDF

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