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Cybernex Computers supply and support a broad range of high performance computer solutions including servers, data storage systems, high end graphics, scientific and visualisation workstations, blade servers and backup devices to business, organisations and educational establishments throughout the UK.

We design, build and customise our products, solutions and services to meet the individual requirements of our customers and by dealing directly with our customers we are able to deliver the right solutions for their requirements. Our technical expertise and experience in the high performance computing, digital content creation and computer aided design markets also allows us to provide a wide range of high-end systems usually not available from mainstream manufacturers.

Our goal is to develop and deliver the highest quality, proven, reliable and cost effective solutions to our customers through continuous product development and system design.

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NVIDIA Quadro FX 4000 redefines the standard for Professional Graphics.
Services The NVIDIA Quadro® FX 4000 sets a new bar for workstation graphics, shattering the limits of performance, programmability, precision, and quality for professional CAD, DCC, and scientific applications. Featuring a revolutionary new architecture with 2x the geometry and fill rate, 5x the hardware pixel read-back performance and 1.25x the memory bandwidth of previous generation workstation graphics, and with support for ultra-fast GDDR3 memory, the NVIDIA Quadro FX 4000 is the first ultra high-end workstation graphics solution on the planet. Implementation of rotated grid FSAA introduces far greater sophistication in the multi-sampling pattern, significantly increasing colour accuracy and visual quality of edges and lines without compromising performance. more
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PNY Silences the market with the new NVIDIA Quadro FX 700 unique cooling solution.
Storage NAS, SAN & DAS

PNY announces the launch of the new NVIDIA Quadro FX 700, a mid range, professional 3D graphics solution competitively priced and equipped with the full NVIDIA Quadro FX feature set. Expanding their NVIDIA Quadro FX workstation graphics series, the FX 700 boasts a silent cooling system ideal for professionals whose work environments require low acoustic levels, such as medical imaging, production studios or where customers have a desire to reduce decibel levels in large system concentrations. more

High Performance Computing (HPC)
Rack Mount Peripherals
The World's Coolest Film Renderer.
Product in focus Designed with a new architecture that leverages advances in mainstream, professional graphics technology over the last decade, Gelato is the new breakthrough technology in rendering from NVIDIA. This professional software package takes advantage of the programmability, precision, performance, and quality of NVIDIA Quadro FX professional graphics solutions to render imagery of uncompromising quality at unheard-of speeds. Gelato offers all the features that film and television customers demand today, and is both flexible and extensible allowing for easy integration into your existing production pipeline as well as satisfying the requirements of the future. more
Network Attached Storage (NAS) PRODUCT OVERVIEW
NAS Servers are the easiest and most cost effective way of adding Storage to your network. PC Workstations
We design our PC Workstations around the individual and the varying needs of our customers. We have a complete range that will suit everyone from the novice to the enthusiast, small, medium and large businesses and educational establishments. We feature the Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium 4 and AMD Athlon XP processors across our range. more.
If you need to increase the available Storage on your network without the cost implications of deploying a traditional File Server, we  offer simple products that can be attached quickly and directly to your Ethernet Network to provide significant additional Disk Capacity at a very competitive price point.

We provide a range of Network Attached Storage (NAS) platforms, scaling from entry level 1U Rack Mount units based on Serial ATA Technology with 320 GB, 480 GB, 640GB, 800 GB and 1.6 Terabyte capacities, through to fully redundant NAS Server Platforms incorporating Hardware RAID and Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity up to 9TB, using Hot Pluggable Serial ATA or U320 SCSI Redundant Hard Disk drives.

In most cases, NAS Servers are designed for a single purpose – to store and share large volumes of files over a Local Area Network – regardless of the File System and Operating System used by your Client PCs. These include Windows, Unix, Linux, NetWare and Macintosh Clients. Users can access files held in personal and shared directories on the NAS Server in the same way they do on a normal Windows or Unix Server, with similar security and permissions. And unlike general-purpose file servers, client license fees are not required, reducing cost of ownership as your network grows.

Typically NAS. devices do not actually host Networked Applications in the way a normal Server would, as they use an embedded operating system compiled specifically for use on the NAS Server. The entry level units are designed to install without interrupting your network configuration, and can be up and running very quickly. more

AMD Opteron™ Processor for Servers and Workstations.

The AMD Opteron™ processor, enabling simultaneous 32- and 64-bit computing, represents the landmark introduction of AMD64 with Direct Connect Architecture. The AMD Opteron™ processor is designed to run existing 32-bit applications with outstanding performance and offers customers a simplified migration path to 64-bit computing. This evolutionary processor provides a dramatic leap forward in compatibility, performance, investment protection, and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). The AMD Opteron™ processor is offered in three series: the single 100 series (1-way), the dual 200 series (Up to 2-way), and the quad 800 series (Up to 8-way). The AMD Opteron processor provides a highly scalable architecture that delivers next-generation performance as well as a flexible upgrade path from 32- to 64-bit computing. With a single architecture designed to meet current and future business needs, the AMD Opteron processor can help to minimize the integration complexities presented by business environments today and in the future. AMD Opteron Processor Datasheet

Graphics Workstations
We design our Graphics Solutions & Workstations around the varying needs of our customers. We have a complete range of workstations that will suit high end graphics applications, Animation CAD/CAM, 3D Modelling, DTP, Image Processing and Digital Content Creation. The range features the Intel Pentium 4, Intel Dual Xeon and the AMD Single and Dual Opteron processors. We use PNY Nvidia Quadro FX series high performance graphics cards in the Xtreme Graphics Workstation range. more.
Rackmount Servers
3ware Breaks Performance Barrier with Next Generation of Serial ATA Hardware RAID Controllers. We design our Servers around the varying needs of our customers. We have a complete range that will suit from the departmental to the enterprise server. The range features either the Intel Dual Xeon or AMD dual Opteron processors and our Sovereign 4U Quad taking the AMD Quad Opteron Processors. These units are available in 19" rack mount 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U sizes. These servers also feature optional Serial ATA or SCSI Raid controllers with disk capacities up to 2TB. more.
3ware® is the technology leader in high-capacity Serial ATA (SATA) and ATA RAID storage solutions. With StorSwitch™ architecture and Serial ATA drives, 3ware delivers enterprise-class RAID reliability and performance while maintaining significant cost savings. 3Ware SATA 9000 Series Datasheet
Intel Xeon Processor 3.20GHz with up to 2MB Cache with 533MHz System Bus for Servers and Workstations.
Now available at speeds up to 3.20 GHz with 2MB cache, the Intel® Xeon™ processor with 533 MHz system bus provides outstanding performance and headroom for your dual processor (DP) workstation and server applications. Available in speeds of 3.20, 3.06, 2.80, 2.66, 2.40, and 2 GHz, the 533 MHz system bus frequency supports greater memory, I/O and graphic bandwidths. Based on the Intel NetBurst® microarchitecture, the Intel Xeon processor with 533 MHz system bus also includes 512KB L2 cache (3.20 GHz available with 2MB or 1MB cache, 3.06 GHz available with 1MB cache) and Hyper-Threading Technology. Intel Xeon Processor Datasheet
Pedestal Servers
We design our Servers around the varying needs of our customers. We have a range that will suit from the departmental to the enterprise server. The range features either the Intel Dual Xeon or AMD dual Opteron processors. These servers also feature optional Serial ATA or SCSI Raid controllers with disk capacities up to 1.5 TB. more.
Intel Pentium 4 Processor with HT Technology NAS/SAN/DAS Storage Servers

The Intel® Pentium® 4 processor family supporting Hyper-Threading Technology (HT Technology) delivers Intel's most advanced, most powerful processors for desktop PCs and entry-level workstations, which are based on the Intel NetBurst® microarchitecture. The Pentium 4 processor is designed to deliver performance across applications and usages where end-users can truly appreciate and experience the performance. These applications include Internet audio and streaming video, image processing, video content creation, speech, 3D, CAD, games, multimedia, and multitasking user environments. The Intel® Pentium® 4 processor Extreme Edition supporting HT Technology features 2MB of L3 cache and offers high levels of performance targeted specifically for high-end gamers and computing power users. Intel Pentium 4 Processor Datasheet

We design our Storage Solutions around the varying needs of our customers. All the range are affordable, reliable and industry proven enclosures, perfect for any RAID application. Whether implementing a DAS, NAS or SAN these highly dependable chassis are rugged and reliable. Each chassis is designed to exceed the power, cooling and rotational vibration requirements of today's high speed peripherals. more.
Render Nodes & Farms
e design our Render Nodes around the varying needs of our customers. We have a complete range incorporating Dual Intel Xeon up to 3.2GHz or Dual AMD Opteron 64 bit processors up to 248 (2.2GHz), enabling you to increase throughput and reduce your rendering times. Add several render nodes together and create a render farm. more.
Tatung announce 10 dual Xeon blade in 4U Chassis

TUD-4010 integrates 10 server blades in a 4U chassis, delivering 200 Intel Xeon computing power in a standard 42U height- rack --up to 2.4 times what is currently achievable with the “thinnest” 1U servers today. Effective density is even higher since TUD-4010 also integrates dual Gigabit Ethernet switches and dual Management blades (called M-Directors). Based on Intel’s LV Xeon 2.4GHz processors, each TUD-4010 server blade consumes low power but with the high performance of a Xeon processor. This power efficiency not only yields a direct savings in power costs for the data center, but also reduces air conditioning costs by a similar factor and minimizes UPS or backup generator provisioning. Tatung 4010 Blade Server Datasheet

Cluster Nodes & HPC (High Performance Computing)
Our range of dual Intel Xeon and dual & quad AMD Opteron cluster nodes offer a complete range of solutions for HPC and scientific compute clusters. Please contact our Specialist High Performance Computing division who will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail. more.

Cyberstore 524S 5U NAS can hold up to 24 Serial ATA (SATA) drives with a maximum capacity of 18TB (terabytes)

Some of the products that we integrate in our solutions are from the manufacturers below.
3Ware MSI Graphics Cards
RAID Storage controllers Motherboards The PNY NVIDIA Quadro FX family delivers the fastest application performance and the highest quality workstation Graphics. Raw performance and quality are only the beginning-NVIDIA Quadro FX takes the leading computer-aided design (CAD) and digital content creation (DCC) applications to a new level of interactivity by enabling unprecedented capabilities in programmability and precision. For the first time, styling and production rendering become integral functions of the design workflow, shortening the production process and enabling faster time to market. more.

Adaptec NEC/Mitsubishi
SCSI Storage & RAID controllers Monitors

Cyberstore 416S 4U NAS can hold up to 16 Serial ATA (SATA) drives with a maximum capacity of 12TB (terabytes)

AMD Netgear
Opteron Processors Network Switches and KVMs

ASUS PNY - Nvidia
Motherboards Graphics Cards The PNY NVIDIA Quadro4 XGL series sets the standard for professional graphics by delivering breakthrough application performance, graphics programmability and multi-display productivity. No other graphics vendor is able to deliver a top-to-bottom suite of workstation products, all certified by more professional applications than any other workstation graphics solution in the industry. Every NVIDIA Quadro4 product features NVIDIA's revolutionary nView multi-display technology—for improved productivity for every workstation professional. more.

Cyberstore 312S 3U NAS can hold up to 12 Serial ATA (SATA) drives with a maximum capacity of 9TB (terabytes)

iiyama Seagate
Monitors Hard Drives

Infortrend Sharp
Storage Products Monitors

Cyberstore 208S 2U NAS can hold up to 8 Serial ATA (SATA) drives with a maximum capacity of 6TB (terabytes)

Intel Sony Blade Servers
Processors, Motherboards   & Servers Monitors & Storage As the number of servers in your data centre grows, so do your deployment and management headaches. In fact, with traditional pedestal and rack servers, data centre staffing costs seem to grow dramatically as the data centre grows. Now, the Intel® Blade Server Chassis SBCE lets you add servers to your data centre while actually decreasing deployment and service work. Blade computing introduces a new data centre paradigm where many ultra-thin compute blades share centralized resources such as power supplies, fans and network switches in a single chassis. The Intel Blade Server Chassis SBCE is an example of state-of-the-art blade engineering that allows you to greatly expand computing power while reducing management resources. more.
LSI-Logic Supermicro
SCSI Storage controllers Motherboards & Servers

Cyberstore 104S 1U NAS can hold up to 4 Serial ATA (SATA) drives with a maximum capacity of 3TB (terabytes)

Maxtor Tatung
Hard Drives Servers & Blade Servers

Microsoft Tyan
Software Motherboards & Servers

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