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  Sovereign QUAD Opteron Server  


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The Sovereign Quad Opteron server features the award winning AMD Opteron processors, to allow for impressive 32-bit x86 performance and a seamless upgrade to  64-bit computing. This rack optimised, 4U platform is ideal for Internet infrastructure, high performance cluster nodes and data centre environments. The AMD Opteron processor integrates an AMD64 core 128-bit memory controller, and three 16-bit  HyperTransport links into a 940-pin package. Each CPU has dedicated banks of memory to enable low-latency access. The CPUs are interconnected with coherent HyperTransport links that are designed to ensure cache coherency. All peripheral and I/O busses connect to the CPU’s HyperTransport links. Each AMD-8131 PCI-X Tunnel provides dual PCI-X 1.0 bridges with up to five bus masters per bridge. The AMD-8111 I/O Hub supports the lower bandwidth peripherals and buses including an EIDE bus, PCI version 2.2 bus, and USB 1.1 host bus. The LPC bus interface connects peripherals, including the Super I/O, BIOS and baseboard management controller (BMC).

These also feature dual ultra320 SCSI channels with both an internal connector for the SCSI backplane and an external connector routed to the back of the chassis. The LSI Logic controller features integrated ARM microprocessors to offload SCSI I/O functions from the host CPU. SCSI bandwidth is up to 320MB/s per channel.

The Broadcom BCM5704 controller provides dual copper gigabit Ethernet support to the back of the chassis. These ports are backwards compatible with 10/100Mb Ethernet.

The embedded baseboard management controller provides management of the system board including configuration, addressing, asset information, hardware health monitoring and system event log. Advanced features enable remote management of the host system including fault recovery and BMC firmware updating. All functions are designed to be  compatible with the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) version 1.5       specification.

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AMD Opteron™ Processor for Servers and Workstations.

The AMD Opteron™ processor, enabling simultaneous 32- and 64-bit computing, represents the landmark introduction of AMD64 with Direct Connect Architecture. The AMD Opteron™ processor is designed to run existing 32-bit applications with outstanding performance and offers customers a simplified migration path to 64-bit computing. This evolutionary processor provides a dramatic leap forward in compatibility, performance, investment protection, and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). The AMD Opteron™ processor is offered in three series: the single 100 series (1-way), the dual 200 series (Up to 2-way), and the quad 800 series (Up to 8-way). The AMD Opteron processor provides a highly scalable architecture that delivers next-generation performance as well as a flexible upgrade path from 32- to 64-bit computing. With a single architecture designed to meet current and future business needs, the AMD Opteron processor can help to minimize the integration complexities presented by business environments today and in the future. AMD Opteron Processor Datasheet
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