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  Network Attached Storage (NAS)  

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Network Attached Storage (NAS) Servers are the easiest and most cost effective way of adding Storage to your network. If you need to increase the available Storage on your network without the cost implications of deploying a traditional File Server, we offer a range of products that can be attached quickly and directly to your Ethernet network to provide significant additional disk capacity at a very competitive price point.

The CyberStore 312S NAS storage appliance are 3U rackmount storage servers with twelve hot swap SATA II nearline ready data drives with 3TB, 4.8TB, 6TB and 9TB (terabyte) native capacities. As the ultimate reliable NAS storage appliance, the CyberStore 312S NAS stresses speed, ease of management and dependable storage.

Configured with twelve ultra fast SATA II 3Gb/s drives, the CyberStore 312S NAS can provide a RAID level 0, 1, 5 or 6 storage environment. Yielding the best storage capacity, the 3U CyberStore 312S storage appliance offers flexibility, fault tolerance, speed and data security.

Dividing data into 2TB increments is inefficient and has become a storage management nightmare.  With the CyberStore 312S NAS Storage appliance IT managers can now create storage volumes as large as 9TB in a single basic volume. The storage volume array limitations are eliminated with the CyberStore 312S and as an added benefit this also eliminates the need to create dynamic disks and spanned volumes therefore attaining larger storage capacities making storage management a breeze.

The chassis is rugged and reliable and designed to exceed the power, cooling and rotational vibration requirements of today’s high speed hard disk drives. The CyberStore 312S range of NAS storage servers are also designed to install without interrupting your network configuration, and can be up and running very quickly.


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3U 312S CyberStore NAS Inside Top View

Maintenance   3U 312S CyberStore NAS Front View
  3U 312S CyberStore NAS Rear View
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